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Tired of searching for new movie everytime to watch or confused on what to watch? Our app makes it easy! Create an account, connect with friends, share get recommendations from friends , share reviews and enjoy

Say goodbye to wasting time on searching movies to watch and not knowing which is good - our app has the solution for you. Whether you love films or want a great show / documentary, we've got suggestions for you. Sign up now and join the fun!

Why Choose us?

Our app connects you with friends for personalized movie and TV show recommendations, making it easy to discover your next favorite.


In our movie review and recommendation app, we prioritize your safety. We secure your personal info and enforce community guidelines for a safe, respectful environment.

Multi Platform

REGO is available in both IOS and Android and has flexibility to login via Google sign-in or Apple sign-in or Registering in the app with email and password


REGO has serveral thousands of international movie information, Movie and Show information from various languages and various streaming platforms and movies which are released in theaters recently. Signup and start recommending and reviewing

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About us

REGO is an social media movie recommendation app which is delevoped to help connect with friends and share what they watched and the reviews of the movie and shows they watch.

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You can download the app through the Apple store or Google Play store.

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Mutally follow the friends for recommendation and reviews

Share and get Recommendations and Reviews

Post your reviews and recommendation and enjoy

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